Traveler Information in Tbilisi

Traveler information

Time in Tbilisi 19:37
Coin Georgian Lari ₾
Time in Tbilisi 19:37
Coin Georgian Lari ₾
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Local currency

The local currency is called the lari. Lots of currency exchanges can be found throughout the city. Be sure to stay updated on the exchange rate to avoid being overcharged. Dollars or euros can be exchanged for local currency. Note: Only dollars printed after 2006 are accepted in Tbilisi.

Getting around

You can get from place to place in Tbilisi using the subway system, which is called the “Metro”. Tickets, which can be loaded with any amount you wish, can be purchased at the entrance to the Metro stations. You can also use the Metro card to ride the cable car at the station in Rike park.

You can also get around using taxicabs, which are cheap and readily available throughout the city. You can hail a cab on the street, or use apps like Bullet or Yandex.
Transportation from the airport into town: Most hotels and guest houses have a connection service to pick up guests from the airport. The price ranges from 25 to 40 lari per trip.

Another option is to use the official taxi service at the airport: taxis are parked and lined up near the airport exit, where the drivers await their passengers. Taking a cab from this company is safe, though it may be a bit more costly.

Safety and security

Georgians love Israel and Jews. There is no open antisemitism, and you can walk around wearing your Jewish and religious symbols with pride. That said, you should still follow the usual safety and security rules, as you would anywhere else in the world.

Emergency phone numbers, just in case:
Police/Fire Department: 112

Israeli embassy: 995322556500+

Embassy address: 154 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, T’bilisi

Abide by the laws of the country. All touristy areas have a police presence and are under camera surveillance, so even minor violations of the law could end with a fine or an arrest.

Bringing medications containing narcotic drugs into Georgia is prohibited by law. If you happen to take these medications, be sure to come with a doctor’s prescription in English.

Shabbat in Tbilisi

There is no Eruv in the city Tbilisi