Synagogues in Georgia

The Georgian Jewish Community

The Georgian Jewish Community is very old. According to the community's traditional account, the Georgian Jews trace their origins to a group of Jews who were exiled from Israel shortly before the destruction of the first Temple. Over the years, Jews from Persia and Russia joined the community.
At its peak, the community had 120,000 members. They were Jews who lived in the cities and in many villages throughout Georgia. Today, about 4,000 people make up the community, most of which reside in the city of Tbilisi.
Ancient and unique synagogues are now being maintained by the community in Tbilisi, and synagogues can be visited in the following cities: Gori, Akhaltsikhe, Kutaisi, Oni and Batumi. Of the seventeen synagogues in Tbilisi, two are currently active. Two are located on Kote Afkhazi street, which is the main thoroughfare of the Old City of Tbilisi.

Synagogues in Georgia


Shaarei Tefilah Synagogue
Address: Kote Afkhazi 45
Opening Hours: The synagogue is active and open all day.

Beit Rachel Synagogue
Address: Kote Afkhazi 28
Opening Hours: The synagogue is active and open at prayer times.


Address: Vaja Pshavela 33
Point of Contact: Rabbi Zeev Mendelzon, +995551122369


Address: Kristepore Kasteli 25
Point of Contact: Simon (Gabbay) 995551982090


Address: Boris Gapunov St.
Point of Contact: Moshe (Gabbay) 995599271570
David (Chazan) 995599360802


Point of Contact: Siman Tov (Gabbay) 995599937280

Men's Mikveh (Ritual Bathhouse)

There is a men's mikveh in the Beit Rachel synagogue.
The Mikveh is open during prayer times.

Women's Mikveh (Ritual Bathhouse)

Only Tbilisi has a women's mikveh, which is in the courtyard of the Great Synagogue.
Visits should be coordinated ahead of time.

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