Where is the Chabad House located?

The Chabad House is located at 25 Kote Afkhazi St, Tbilisi.

What kosher foods can be purchased in Georgia?

Many kosher staples can be found in Georgia, and you can have updated list of kosher products e-mailed to you.

Are there active synagogues outside of Tbilisi?

Shabbat services are held in Gori and Kutaisi, but they don't always get a minyan.

Where is there a kosher mikveh in Georgia?

Only Tbilisi has a kosher mikveh, and you'll have to coordinate your visit ahead of time.

Which products can I use if I’m not concerned about eating halav yisrael?

Since we only eat halav yisrael, we have no information about this.

Are the candies and ice creams we know from Israel kosher here as well?

No, unfortunately. Global corporations manufacture products with identical names in different places in the world.

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