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Chabad in the Community

The Chabad emissaries to Georgia, Rabbi Meir and Tzippy Kozlovsky, arrived in the capital city of Tbilisi in the year 5765 (2005 in the Gregorian calendar), and over the years, other emissaries have moved to the city, like Rabbi Ben Zion and Rachel Israeli, and Rabbi Zalmen and Bracha Zaks. Chabad emissaries passionately work to promote all facets of Jewish life in the community through an educational program suited to all ages. They also work tirelessly to help thousands of tourists coming to Georgia every year.

Yaldei Menachem Kindergarten

This is a daily educational program for children aged two to six. About sixty children attend every day, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
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Or Avner School

About 120 students in grades 1-12 are enrolled at the Or Avner school. This school provides its Jewish students with first class general education alongside Hebrew and Judaic studies.
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Enerjew Youth Programming

Informal programming is conducted for teens aged 12 to 18 on their free Sundays.
It strengthens their Jewish identity and their connection to Judaism and the Jewish community.

The JFuture Sunday School

Informal programming on Sundays for kids aged 5-12. These activities deepen these children's bond with Judaism and broaden their Jewish experience.
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EuroStars Students

Weekly study meetups with the rabbi and joint activities meant to strengthen the connection with the community and Jewish tradition
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"Gan Israel" Summer Camps

Summer camps for girls and boys in the community provide an excellent opportunity to give the community's children a large helping of Judaism through powerful hands-on programming.

Torah lessons

A Torah study program for men, women and children.

Activities geared towards Israeli tourists in Georgia

The Chabad House is open every day to help tourists in Tbilisi, providing help and information to anyone coming to its doorstep. A kosher dairy kitchen operates at the Chabad House during the morning hours. Mendi's, a kosher mehadrin restaurant, is open every day, from 12 o'clock noon until midnight.
The Chabad House organizes Shabbat and holiday meals for travelers, and special events during the holidays.

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